I cut the film when her hands
short as she
stopped short her.
This all made sense.

I moved away when she came toward me
With a new line of thought
her thought on
This filming, answer questioning
moment, moment, moment.

She faded then
Then when I tried, tried
To get her to talk about
trying to go
her way

Asking me where I was pointing
I told her while looking
right at her.
This is a device,
there are two devices in this room.

How when I ask her later
for more on that subject, please
more on that subject
She felt it

----------- Aside: I think it’s interesting when you hear about good interviewers, ‘They are a good interviewer because they really listen, know how to direct the conversation’ or ‘I felt so relaxed there, you are a good interviewer.’

Talking in the edit about not getting what you wanted from someone, ‘couldn’t teeeeeeeease that out enough’ and ‘they just rambled through that’ and ‘you clinked your cup, ah! we can’t go back anyway, One opportunity...’ ---------------

I’m putting words in her mouth
Like she’s breathing them in backwards,
Quite intimate, in
speaking backwards laughter becomes painful
Ah ah ah

It was fine but,
now I’m worried.
How it will be received,
I cut cut her stumbles,
dampened all whistling esses.

Take off your desk, pen,
Take off your time.
Take that off too.
Sacrosanct, it can’t
feel like I’m here.