Working across film, writing and collaborative projects, Jen’s practice weaves together elements of portrait and poetry. Workshops, walks and conversations are dialectic starting points for projects, and she works with the material in these connections of being together. Using the lens to map and trace these intimacies, the work and labor of relationships feeds into practice.

Jen’s writing looks at the citizen and identity, weaving the personal through the prisms of soft-power relations and willfulness. Her writing is hybrid, lyrical and poetic, and critiques many registers of voice; the narrator, the editor, the facilitator, as well as voices of institutional performativity.

Jen Martin has accrued extensive professional experience in filmmaking as an editor and colourist, film tuition, film festival programming and art workshops.

Exhibited in collaboration with V/DA for Sonic Seance at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, in 2019.
Is a GRAMnet and BEMIS filmmaker in 2015 for “Detention Without Walls” and in 2016 for “Fragments of Gaza

Exhibited in Scotland with work included in Glasgow International 2016 as part of Pokey Hat, as the selected Scottish artist for Emerging European Artists by ELIA art schools, exhibiting in NEU/NOW 2014.

Exhibited internationally, with a residency at Phoenix Gallery in Athens, 2018.

Led presentations and exhibited during the annual Made of Walking gathering and residency, Cyprus 2018 and Prespes, Greece in 2019.

  Trained in Factual Editing and Scriptwriting  at the National Film and Television School, 2018 and 2020

A committe member of Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh 2018 -present