SONIC SÉANCE - The Gathering

Collaboration with V/DA for Some Things Want To Run, CCA Glasgow, June 2019

The Gathering is an exhibition bringing together the artistic practices of choreographer, director and performer Mele Broomes; film-maker and visual artist Jen Martin; actress, singer/songwriter and composer Patricia Panther; researcher and visual artist Ashanti Harris; musician, DJ, artist Letitia Pleiades; as well as invited artists Nene Camara & Angel Ng, Shaheeda Sinckler, Divine Tasinda, Bea Webster, Claricia Parinussa, and Raman Mundair. Their communal work aims to integrate resistance into the condition of being controlled, governed, pre-identified and spoken for.

Excerpt - A seance, a call and response

A seance, a call and response, HD video, 7m41, Ashanti Harris and Jen Martin


Still:   Rehearsal Piece, 16mm colour, 3m41, Patricia Panther and Jen Martin 2019

Hunted, Letitia Pleiades and Jen Martin, HD  video, 2019